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Structure, Function, and Disorders of the Integument Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Structure, Function, and Disorders of the Integument

Write a 2-3-page paper discussing the structures and functions of the skin. Paper must discuss:
Discuss what happens to the skin during the aging process and what kind of special care must be given to the skin and hair of older clients.
Make a list of preventive measures that can slow the aging process.
What are the skin’s structures and function?
Include in your paper the following case scenario:
Delgattio has psoriasis. Why would rapid epidermal proliferation cause thick, silvery, erythematous plaques?
What are the common treatments for psoriasis?


Structure, Function, and Disorders of the Integument
Student’s Name
Structure, Function, and Disorders of the Integument
Skin During Aging Process
There are many age-related changes that occur in the skin that are readily observable. According to McCance and Huether (2013), genetics as well as cumulative environmental factors such as inflammatory responses, UV radiation from the sun, gravity, and tobacco smoke influence cutaneous changes with aging. Structurally, McCance and Huether (2013) note that the skin becomes less elastic, thinner, drier and wrinkled. There is also a change in the pigmentation of the skin. The cellular changes that contribute to these alterations include flattening of dermoepidermal function and a reduction in the number of capillary loops. As a result of fewer melanocytes, there is a reduced protection against UV radiation. In addition, a significant decline in the number of Langerhans cells lessens the immune response of the skin with aging. Other changes during the aging process include a decrease in lymphatic and vasculature drainage, elastic fiber loss, fragmentation of collagen fiber, and a decrease in the number of fibroblasts (McCance & Huether, 2013). These changes cause wrinkling and a decline in the skin’s ability to stretch and regain shape.

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