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Ethical Dilemma. Health, Medicine, Nursing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Share a real story from your perspective as a consumer of health care, an employee of a health care agency, or as a student nurse. It could be a situation you witnessed or one in which you were personally involved. The story should tell about a situation that contained an ethical dilemma.
After you tell your story, answer the following questions:
1. What is/are the ethical issue(s) in your story?
2. What values do the players in your story hold?
3. Apply the basic tenets of virtue ethics to this situation. What are the “rules” of virtue ethics?
4. Choose one of the subsets of virtue ethics - - situation ethics, feminist ethics, narrative ethics or ethic of care. Analyze your story with its ethical issue using the subset you have selected.
5. Are there legal issues that apply to your story? Is there a course of action forbidden
or mandated by law?
6. Apply an ethical decision-making model to your story and come to a conclusion
about what should (or should not) happen.
7. What is the client advocate’s role in this situation? What should a client advocate do?


Ethical Dilemma
Nursing practice entails the day to day activities carried out by a nurse, especially in relation to a patient. In the nursing field, the main goal is always to ensure the best possible outcomes for the patient. Nothing gives more satisfaction to a nurse than seeing a patient recover back to full health and out of the hospital bed. That is exactly what gives the profession meaning. Just like any other profession, it comes with its ups and downs, moments of triumph as well as moments of trial. The biggest challenge however usually comes in the form of ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas usually put nurses in very stressful and compromising situations, since they present nurses with scenarios whereby they have to take the hard decisions, against the backdrop of whether it is right or wrong. As part of my experiences as a student, I came across certain instances that posed ethical dilemmas.

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