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Stress as the normal response (Essay Sample)


THE PAPER IS READY, YOU JUST NEED TO FIND THE ARTICLE AND FIT IT INTO THE ESSAY. on the excel-sheet provided write down 3 days stress, stress response, and how u responded to the stress Example event/situation: traffic while driving stress response: increased heart rate how you responded to stress: deep breathing. After your three days, choose one stress method that you can use to incorporate to help you relieve stress. Find an article that supports this coping method. Then write a one page paper on why you have chosen this method, why it is proven to reduce stress and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. Attached you will find a worksheet to log you three days of stress.


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Stress is a normal response that people have when they face challenges or difficult situations. It is as a result of integrated body physiological mechanisms that aim to increase our energy levels and to enhance our alertness so that we can cope with the problem that we may be facing. However, these mechanisms can be overwhelming when they occur for a prolonged period of time (Seaward, 2013). This can affect people negatively. Because of this, people need to come up with ways to cope with stress. This essay will explain the reason why I prefer to exercise when I am stressed.
Exercise prompts the brain to release endorphins. These substances are natural opiates. They relieve pain and produce a feeling of comfort and euphoria. They also encourage the production of other neurotransmitters which are responsible for upliftin...
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