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Strengths & Weaknesses: Clinical Skills Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


I am doing Family nurse practioner program
Identify at least three weaknesses Explain how you plan to address each weakness
Examine at least three clinical skills you need to obtain prior to exiting the program Explain how you plan to master the clinical skills before exiting NP program-skills reading X-ray , and interpreting labs
Analyze the history of advanced practice nurses and the emerging role of your specialty area, and discuss what contributions you plan to make to advance the nursing profession


Strengths and Weaknesses
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Strengths and Weaknesses
It is essential for one to understand their strengths and weaknesses for a successful career and prosperity in life. Identifying individual strengths allows one to engage appropriately and contribute in the workplace according to their capabilities. Additionally, knowing the weaknesses enables one to identify how they can improve their skills and grow professionally. The intent of this paper is to present my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can contribute to the advancement of the nursing practice.
I am a social person with effective communication skills. Subsequently, I identify this as a strength that can be imperative in engaging various stakeholders in practice. Communication is imperative when working as part of a team or an organization (Giles, Gilbert, & McNeill, 2013). Additionally, it facilitates engagement with the patients on appropriate treatment practices.
I am enthusiastic about self-developme

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