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Staff Wellness Program by School Nurse Assignment (Essay Sample)


What should be included in a CHEM (Comprehensive Health Education Model) for a staff wellness program? Explain how would you apply CHEM to an employee wellness program. If your district will have staff wellness program what does it will include? Will it be effective? Will staff members participate? Outline a health promotion interest survey that you could develop for use with a faculty staff in planning program
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Comprehensive Health Education Model
Comprehensive Health Education Model
Companies have in the recent years started paying attention to the health of the employees (Torre & Goetzel, 2016). This is relative to the fact that, they have realized much of the activities at the work place should be focused on the wellbeing of the staff. Ideally, where a company maximizes on the health of the staff, the level of productivity is also quite high. Where the wellness of the staff is compromised, this in turn affects the productivity of the staff negatively. It is also one of the costliest aspects of the company expenditure, relative to the fact that, they have to make sure they take the employees to hospital which is after their productivity falls (Society for Human Resource Management, 2017). At the same time, there is a relationship between wellness at the place of work and the staff turnover. Where the company does not invest in a good wellness program, there are chances the staff at the company will look for alternatives, where they feel their health is considered and they do not feel used or in some of the cases abused (Society for Human Resource Management, 2017).
There are a number of aspects that have to be included in a wellness program to make sure it is providing the staff with the services that they need. One of the aspects is the promotion of cultural wellness which is associated with a satisfying lifestyle. This is an aspect that should cover the entire organization with a baseline in holistic approach (Torre & Goetzel, 2016). There is also the element of effective communication which can be packaged as promotional material offered to the staff at the right reading level for ease of consumption. To enhance the effectiveness of the program, there is need to establish several components in the design of the program in qu...
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