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Spirituality in Clinical Setting (Duke University Study) (Essay Sample)


Dear writer,
I am a graduate student of master /Family nurse practitioner.
This is a part of assignments of the class of "Spiritual concept analysis"
The direction;
"Research on Spirituality and Health
Spirituality in Clinical Setting (Duke University Study)
https://spiritualityandhealth(dot)duke(dot)edu/index.php/cme-videos (Links to an external site.)

Watch 2 videos from the series on Spirituality and Health (Videos 1-5) and write a reflection paper on the content and application to your nursing practice. "
Please cite the video sources in the paper as a reference.
Thank you so much.


Reflection and Application
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Spirituality is a broad concept that has room for a variety of perspectives (Keenan & Kirwan, 2018). Most importantly, it includes a sense of connecting to someone to bring positive changes to their lives and a search for the meaning of life.
In the video titled Spirituality in Patient Care: Research Justifying Integration, it is clearly mentioned that spirituality is important for patient care. The study that has been discussed in this video demonstrates a clear relationship between spirituality and patient care (Duke Center for Spirituality, 2015). I have learned that in the past, patients were asked to follow medical directives without any question; however, the situation has now been changed.
With a move to PCC (patient-centered care), healthcare experts now know how important it is to work collaboratively (Duke Center for Spirituality, 2015). In addition, they allow patients to have freedom of saying how they feel and let them share their personal interests, and this eventually helps them plan care. As a family nurse practitioner, it is my responsibility to provide comprehensive care to individuals and families across all ages, diseases, body systems and genders. I will apply the knowledge gained from this video to my nursing practice in a lot of ways. First of all, I will build strong relationships with my patients. Secondly, I have understood that religions do affect health. For example, some people may not like the idea of getting the medicine that contains narcotics as these types of medications are not allowed to be used in their religion. I will take special care of religious beliefs and moral values of people who are admitted to the hospital and are under my supervision. The focus will obviously be

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