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Influences That Help To Shape Sexual Boundaries In A Relationship (Essay Sample)


Influences you have had that helped to shape your sexual boundaries in a relationship.
Identify characteristics you value in a romantic relationship and characteristics that would be a "dealbreaker" for you (aka, a reason to end the relationship).
Explain why open communication is important in a healthy relationship. Give specific examples.


Boundaries Essay
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1. Some of the influences that helped me shape my sexual boundaries in a relationship include my upbringing and my plans in life. On one hand, I define what me and my partner could do based on what I think is acceptable or not. On the other hand, both of us also defines boundaries depending on our plans. Thus, we don't engage in risky activities – such as having an intercourse without protection – which could lead to unexpected circumstances preventing us from achieving our goals and dreams.
2. Perhaps one of the characteristics that I try to fin

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