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Stage 2: Second Level Behaviour (Essay Sample)

In approximately 250 words, create a draft of the second level (behaviors) of your personal model of leadership. Identifying the leadership behaviors that will result from those values. Use "Creating a Personal Model of Leadership" to guide you. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. source..
Second Level Behaviour
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Personal leadership has three main areas of concentration. They include development of skills and technical knowledge, having the right approach and attitude and mastering of psychology of others. These values are crucial in development of personal leadership model. There are various behaviours that emanate from these elements. Right attitude towards others plays a contributory role in leadership. A leader must have the right attitude towards the subordinates (Lencioni, 2010). A wrong attitude may be an impediment towards the achievement of the set goals. Leaders must maintain the right attitude and encourage other employees to have the right attitude. Good attitude towards is important for harmonious coexistence.
Technical knowledge and skills bring about expertise behaviour in an organization. This ensures that goals and aspirations of the organization are achieved effectively. Proper decision-making emanates from expertise knowledge in any given field. Individuals with technical knowledge and skills are better placed to make more informed decisions that will benefit the organization. Leaders must have the knowledge and expertise so that they can make informed decisions (Farber, 2009). The decision made by a leader has an effect on many people. Careful consideration must therefore be exercised when making decisions
The mastery of psychology of others is meant to bring about a level of understanding, which promotes harmony. One of the behaviour that arises as result of this value is understanding and harmonious co-existence. It helps a leader understand why people behave the way they do and thereby assign them work depending on their perso...
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