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Jornal Entries Goals Week 11: The Roles Of A Nursing Practitioner (Essay Sample)


From your perspective, explain the role of nurse practitioners in clinical settings
Create 11 your goals week -1 to week 11


The Roles of a Nursing Practitioner
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The Roles of a Nursing Practitioner
Nursing practitioners are those nurses who have been registered and undergone additional training to enable them to provide similar services to doctors. They work hand in hand with other medical personnel in providing wellness and health care for people of diverse age brackets. Legal provisions allow nurse practitioners to diagnose patients, order advanced examinations and prescribe medications. The scope of training for the nursing practitioners widens their roles and responsibilities (Schiff, 2012). They conduct general medical examinations based on the medical history of patients regardless of the magnitude of their illnesses, with the aim being to provide practical solutions. The practitioners work to advanced levels in a majority of medical facilities and are charged with the responsibility of handling patients with acute and severe illnesses, as they are considered competent in such cases. They provide medical support for complicated care demands and acute illness management on patients with diabetes, respiratory conditions, cardiac diseases, and urinary conditions among others. An additional responsibility for the nursing practitioner is that of being the patient’s advocate hence charged with the role of promoting proper health care within the medical facilities (Iglehart, 2013). To ensure effective achievement of their mandates, the NP train patients on the various means of managing and preventing diseases and disease risks. They also ensure that patients are aware of the drug administration procedures and the associated contraindications. (Chilton, 2014). Lastly, the NP acts as a link between the health care facilities and the community by showing compassion for the sick and their relatives and enlightening them towards better health lifestyles.
Practicum Goals/ Objectives/ Timeline
Week 2 Journal
Week 2 is to be better informed and able to examine patient status towards determining the baseline, and in turn know the serious or emergent health issues.
Since patient assessment is a crucial stage towards achieving adequate patient care, it will be important that I attain the competency in undertaking evaluations and examinations thereby effectively determining and prioritizing on the complaints by patients. Understanding the patient population and their needs will be important in choosing the best and most efficient approaches to attending their medical conditions (Iglehart, 2013). The number of elderly patients visiting the clinic has been rising drastically, and the office will have to work extra hard towards achieving the maximum outcome despite the scarce resources. Since my preceptor is my key role model and trainer, I will need to understand her modes of operation. I realized that she placed so much emphasis on the need ...
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