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Discuss the Role of State in Coordinate School Health Program (Essay Sample)


Discuss the role of the state in coordinated school health programs. Include in your discussion CA's blueprint for coordinated school health programs-purpose-supports, and assumptions. List the 5 goals.


Role of State in Coordinated School Health Programs
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Role of the State in Coordinated School Health Programs
Coordinated school health describes programs that work in tandem towards the development and reinforcement of attitudes, knowledge, skill, and behavior while also prioritizing health literacy in school. The eight areas of interest in coordinated school health programs are health education, physical education, nutrition services, health services, parent-community involvement, provision of psychological and counseling services, and the promotion of staff health. To succeed in these areas, California’s blueprint for coordinated school health program details five goals. They include youth development, policy development, collaboration and coordination, personnel capacity and funding ("Coordinated School Health", 2016). However, their achievement is largely dependent on government support.
The foremost goal of California’s blueprint is youth development. This goal premises on the assumption that children and youth have basic physical, psychological, emotional, independence and self-improvement needs like all other human beings. If families, schools, and communities ensure the provision of these needs, children and youth are empowered to develop positively in social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Youth development, therefore, functions to protect this group from health-risk behaviors for better academic achievement (Kolbe, 2015).
The second goal concerns the establishment of policies supportive of coordinated school health for California’s diversity. This goal assumes that more comprehensive and integrated approached are necessary ("Coordinated School Health", 2016). For the attainment of this goal, the government plays important roles. These include the establishment of district policies supportive of coordinated school health, the organization of stakeholders in school health for advocacy purposes, and the formation of interdisciplinary school health teams. These roles should, ideally, be implement...
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