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The Role and Impact of Hospitals Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Feldstein (2012) indicates that the hospital is the most important institutional setting for the delivery of medical services because it represents “the largest single health care expenditure category,” and it has been “the beneficiary of much federal and state legislation” (p. 292).
For this assignment, prepare an economic analysis brief that describes the role and impact of hospitals in the healthcare industry in the United States or abroad to demonstrate an understanding of Module 5. Discuss and synthesize key elements from at least two recent scholarly articles (found in the CSU-Global Library) that address one of the following points:
Determine the performance of the hospital industry.
Apply economic models, theories, or assumptions.
Offer objective methods for attempting to predict future market behavior in response to events, trends, and cycles.
Assess economic policy recommendations for healthcare stakeholders.


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The Role and Impact of Hospitals
The health industry is considered as one of the key industries in the world that ensure the well-being of individuals within the society. Health organizations, in this case, encounter changing circumstances that are increasing the need for more services. The United States health industry is known for its capacity to consider more of the nation’s expenditures as compared to other healthcare industries within other developed nations. An instance of this is evident in the US health industry’s consumption of close to 18.0% of the country’s gross domestic product.This has seen several stakeholders within the industry such as healthcare professionals, citizens, and the federal government establishes effective approaches of breeding methods aimed at enriching the performance and productivity of these institutions in regards to the services provided by health care organizations (Bardach et al 2012). This paper seeks to conduct an analysis on the role and impact of the hospital industry in the United States. The assessment on the performance of the health industry in the US is of great importance since this enhances the provision of standard healthcare services. This assessment is aimed at improving health care services to patients in the US.
The Performance of the Hospital Industry
The healthcare industry in the United States needs to put proper measures aimed at improving the provision of its care services to the population. This is attributed to the capacity of the health care industry in this state that remains the greatest consumer of resources around the world and remains efficient in the provision of health services that are reliable and appropriate. The healthcare industry in the United States, for instance, has put adequate measures aimed at enhancing the accessibility of its services to patients. This has seen the American economy initiate close to 5,750 medical institutions of which 2900 of facilities are the nonprofit entities while 2823 are profit-oriented organizations. On the other hand, 35% of these medical facilities serve most of the rural communities while 65% of them are located within the urban areas to serve people in towns (Bardach et al 2012). The setting of these medical institutions in the United States has consequently enhanced the manner i...
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