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Executive Summary: Risk and quality management (Essay Sample)

Chosen organization - The Cleveland Clinic. The executive summary addresses the following points: · The purpose of risk and quality management in health care organizations in general and in the chosen organization in particular · Key concepts of risk and quality management in your chosen organization · Steps the organization may take to identify and manage their risks. · Identify at least three typical or actual risks in the organization. Describe how the risks might negatively affect the quality. · Identify at least three internal and external factors that influence quality outcomes in the organization. Describe how these factors might negatively affect quality outcomes the organization. · Outline at least three of the organization long-term goals and at least three short-term goals. · Identify at least three fundamental risk- and quality-management policies that should be implemented and how they will influence health outcomes. · Explain the relationship between risk and quality management in the organization and how these two disciplines complement each other source..

Risk and quality management Executive Summary
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Quality management is an orderly and permanent progression that organizations employ to offer goods and services that meet the expectations of clients. Quality control in healthcare has gone through enormous transformations in the recent pass to highlight enhanced demands from clients associated to the quality of medical attention and the overall end results to the wellbeing of patients. Shannon (2012) asserts that risk management is a decision making process that helps organization avoid detrimental events from happening within an organizational setup. Previously, risk control in healthcare environs and medical institutions controlled risks in a reactive way implying that each department worked independently to review its own problems. According to Shannon (2012) the objective of quality as well as risk control in healthcare was integrated into the healthcare domain as a retort to the misconduct crisis.
Healthcare institutions were coupled with unprofessional verdicts emanating from higher indemnity rates. The bottom line of quality control is enhanced by three principles namely Quality control, Quality improvement and Quality expansion. The rationale for having risk and quality control at Cleveland Clinic is purely to establish, execute and coordinate the perpetual, clinic wide quality enhancements and the threat to assure conformity with Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) as well as other healthcare certifying specifications with a view to advancing the quality of consumers in tandem with the clinic policies Kaplan and Mikes (2012).
Steps the organization may take to identify and manage their risks.
Trending and reviewing event statistics keeps the healthcare institutions miles away from the dilemmas they are coupled with, they are vital functions for the patient security and quality as well as the assurance of patients, employees and other stakeholders. Cleveland should work to determine and highlight all sources of risk as well as losses emanating in an association with the legal departments in evaluating perilous events and working in concert with all departments in the hospice to attain and enhance regulatory compliance. Cleveland Clinic involves enhancing quality together with patient safety, associating quality enhancements to strategic schemes, precluding and managing infections, handling private data, evaluating systems and executing new procedures for enhancement, and presenting training as well as education for employees. Sollecito et al (2013) asserts that organizations implement a perpetual quality enhancement for many reasons including certification requirements, cost management, rivalry for clients and pressure emanating from employers and market forces. The primary objective for quality control at Cleveland Clinic is to enhance quality ...
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