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Movie Review and Work-Evaluation: Where The Heart Is? (Essay Sample)


From the Movie "Where The Heart Is", If Novalee is your student, as a healthcare provider or as a nurse educator what level of evaluation will you choose for Novalee and why?

Module #9, Chapter 11; Movie Review and Evaluation Levels


I have chosen Level D: Patient’s Overall Self Care and Health Management as the level I would personally like to use if I was a health care provider for Novalee.

I feel that at Levels A and B, Novalle was still in a crisis situation with stress and anxiety levels so high that I do not think she would have truly gained much from health teaching strategies. She was overwhelmed with the unexpected arrival and departure of her mother, her abandonment by her boyfriend, her out of hospital birth experience, homelessness, etc. I don’t think much information would have been retained. I believe she needed some time to settle in to her new life and the person she would become. She made a giant leap from child to adult in a short period of time and I believe any evaluation at that time would not have accurately reflected teaching learned.


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Immediately after Novalee had her first baby, Americus, I would recommend evaluation levels B and C be implemented. Level C focuses on patient performance at home while level B focuses on patient performance immediately after learning experience. For Novalee, this was her first child and she did not seek out any form of prenatal care or even go to hospital when she started having labor. As a result, Novalee would be best evaluated using level B evaluations. This would allow Novalee to understand things like general baby caring principles such as signs that the baby is hungry, how to feed her baby, and even when to consult a medical provider (Ellis, Mendel, & Aloni-Zohar, 2009).
I would later implement level C evaluations to enable Novalee to fully apply the skills that she learned from her teachers when she had the opportunity to live in her own home and raise her child by herself (Samuelson, 1997). Additionally, buying a new home is another significant change in Novalee’s life; this was also a huge responsibility for her considering her young age. Despite the challenges, Novalee was able to go through this challenge and went ahead to accept new friends into her new home. She also supported the friends in the best possible way she could by keeping them safe from harm as well as providing a roof over their heads. Programs such as Nurse-Family Partne...
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