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Respiratory Problems: Nursing Interventions Classification (Essay Sample)


Juanita is a 10-year-old Hispanic child with severe persistent asthma. She has had multiple Emergency Department admissions for asthma exacerbations. Juanita lives in low income housing in the inner city along with her mother, grandmother, and an older sibling. 
Initial Discussion Post:
How will Juanita's cultural and socioeconomic factors influence the development of an asthma education plan?
What interventions should the RN implement to empower Juanita to manage her asthma?


Respiratory Problems
Juanita comes from a low income family with substandard housing which defines a low socioeconomic conditions. This therefore means that she may be exposed to more pollution that surrounds her living environment (Cunningham, 2009). Apparently, Hispanic children are more likely to be diagnosed for asthma compared to the white children because of the poor standard of living of the Hispanic children. Low living condition may just trigger asthma condition and inability to access a high quality health care may also trigger the asthma condition. Juanita is therefore exposed to environmental triggers because of her substandard living condition that tend to catapult the development of cancer. It is evident that she lives with her mother, grandmother and other sibling in a low income housing implying the level of poverty she may be living in (Cunningham, 2009). Further, her condition is defined as severe persistent and that she has had multiple Emergency Department admissions for asthma exacerbations...
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