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Reflective Analysis: Metaparadigms Of Nursing (Essay Sample)


This personal reflection paper is a ‘work-in-progress’, designed to build upon each week’s learning, and to facilitate reflection and analysis of your current approach to practice. The purpose is to identify how you describe each of the nursing metaparadigm concepts at the beginning of the course; why you describe each as you do; and to analysize which paradigm your thinking represents.


Reflective Analysis
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In the 19th century and the previous years, nursing wasn’t taken seriously and nurses were perceived as health care givers who only followed the doctor’s instructions. It is the likes of Florence Nightingale, who set a high bar for nursing and in her era, she revolutionized this vocation into the profession we know now. Previously, a nurse could learn all the skills in a span of two months, but the work of nightingale transformed nursing into a more complex work and she brought about improved health in Britain through her efforts. Since that era, nurse do not only follow the orders of a doctor, but have a role to play in ensuring maximum healthcare to the patients.
The role of nurses in providing care is guided by four metaparadigms namely; person, health, environment and nursing. The first three revolve around the recipient of care, that is, the patient while the last paradigm is about the responsibilities of the nurse. Metaparadigms of nursing are concepts or theories that provide the structure for how the discipline of nursing should operate.
Person Metaparadigm
The person here is the patient who is receiving care from the nurse, they are the main focus of the discipline. The person is dynamic and unique in aspects of their personal beliefs, ideologies and values. A patient is comprised of their psychological, biological, spiritual and sociological components which make each patient unique in how they receive their healthcare. Nurses have a role to understand these facets of a patient as they help them get better. There are patients who being spiritual require hope and others believe that being told a negative diagnosis will make it true, the nurse here will have a role to adhere to the spiritual beliefs of the patient if they are to get better.
It is essential for a nurse to engage the person in order to find out about their understanding of the different components as well as the role of their families, community and friends, which play a big part in supporting the wellbeing of the patient. According to Branch et al, a patient should receive optimal care from the nurse regardless of their social status, religion and beliefs. Each patient is unique and therefore unpredictable, the care given to patients should be specific to them.
This paradigm is quite connected to the paradigm of the person as it describes the environment that a patient will thrive in. The environment is the surrounding that will improve the wellbeing of a patient and it should be a place where they feel safe and comfortable. In defining the environment, I take into consideration three things, the external, internal and social environment because these entail the surrounding of the patient and have an effect to their health. The internal environment is affected when a patient is anxious or stressed. The external environment is the surrounding of the patient from

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