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qualitative research (Essay Sample)

Question Module 3.1 The three types of qualitative research are phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnographic research. What are the differences and similarities between two of the three types of studies? Please writer should answer every aspect of the question in other for this paper to be graded by the instructed. source..
Qualitative Research Name Course Lecturer Date There are different types of research but the way the researches are conducted brings the difference as well the effectiveness of them. If one could simply define qualitative research, one can say that qualitative research is any research that relies on the use of non-numeric data such as images, sound and text (qualitative data). In this case, there are three major types of qualitative research which include; Phenomenology, Ethnography and Grounded theory Phenomenology is the descriptive study of individuals` experience of a phenomenon. It attempts to understand the lived experiences of individuals and what emotive, behavioral and social meaning have for them. For instance, in market research, the researchers don`t test the products, but they evaluate the experiences of products the people have (Parkinson & Drislane, 203). On the other hand, Ethnography is the qualitative research on the culture and beha...
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