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3-1 Nursing Journal: Public Health in Your Community (Essay Sample)


Please read and follow instructions and click the url link website below
Chapter 2 of the text discusses measuring health in the population and identifying contributing factors (determinants) behind the statistics. This assignment asks you to apply chapter concepts to your community. In a journal entry, answer the following questions about your community:
What is the overall health picture in your community? Use these steps to investigate:
Go to County Health Rankings and find your county. Click on your state and then your county.
You will find a variety of health statistics to analyze. Scan the data and see if you can make connections between the numbers (patterns, causes, and effects).
Get a sense of problematic issues and positive statistics. Identify at least one problematic and one positive statistic (e.g., trends).
What types of public health activities are there in your community? You can also use your own knowledge of the community. List at least two services or activities.
In your journal entry, record what you find and add your thoughts about the physical, social, and individual determinants (influences) that impact these statistics. What about your community seems to contribute to the health status of its citizens, for both good and bad?
Be sure to answer all of the above questions, and add your thoughts on influences. You can use paragraphs or bullet points.


Public Health in Bergen (BE)
Bergen (BE) is one of the counties in Bergen in the state of New Jersey. Bergen has got a total population of 35,843 people and the entire state of New Jersey has got a total population of 8,958,013. The population of Bergen County represents 0.4% of the total population of the state of New Jersey and healthcare wise, the county is ranked position four. This paper explores information about the types of public health activities there are in Bergen, New Jersey (Health Rankings., 2017).
Health Conditions in Bergen, New Jersey
The quality of health in Bergen is ranked number seven in the entire state of New Jersey. The county of Bergen has the second highest length of life expectancy in the State. The number of people dying pre-maturely is e...
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