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Public Health and Emerging Diseases Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


This week, you will research an emerging disease.
Healthcare providers throughout the United States are required to report these diseases to their local public health department. Local public health departments report to the state health departments and the state departments report the info to the CDC. This is the public health chain of command.
Review the reportable disease list
for Los Angeles County as well as the interactive information sheets on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and influenza in this week’s media folder. Choose a disease from the reportable disease list and submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you answer the following questions:
What public health and education measures have been taken during recent outbreaks to monitor and track the disease you chose in the community?
What else is being done about this disease from a public health standpoint? Address the actions taken by community agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies such as the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotions.
Your paper must be 2–3 pages in length; include evidence or information from at least two credible external sources, and follow APA style 7th ed for formatting and citation.


Hepatitis Virus in Los Angeles
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Hepatitis Virus in Los Angeles
Despite having a significant decrease in Hepatitis C disease, the viral infection has continued to affect Americans in different states. In Los Angeles, the territorial and state health agencies conduct different activities such as preventative and educational services surveillance and treatment. Los Angeles has put in place plans that prioritize on hepatitis prevention as well as programs that focus on development of prevention activities, and integration of these activities into health programs. The states also focus on how they can get resources to facilitate implementation of the programs (Bakr et al., 2019). The state also has an action plan with dynamic and robust steps that can improve prevention and treatment of the viral hepatitis infections

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