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Provision Of Health Care Services To The Public (06-U7-T-1-2) (Essay Sample)


Case Study Questions
We suspect that most nursing professionals can expand on this case; however, the key question is, what was the nature of building a stakeholder network?
Who were the critical first players in this movement, and why was their involvement critical?
As the network expanded, which other professional groups were involved? Why were those groups, and not others, involved?
Do you see why some professions were the logical next parts of the coalition for adopting change?
Who was most likely to oppose advanced practice nursing? Obviously, you do not include likely opponents in the initial development ofthe network of stakeholders, but why?
How did the coalition eventually succeed through this inclusive network?
What would you have done differently in a different practice arena?
What does this case study tell you about building stakeholders for advancing practice?
What would you need to do to apply this policy to advancing roles in your healthcare setting?


Policy and Politics
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Policy and Politics
Health care policy is very important in the provision of health care services to the public (Jafari et al., 2013). Margaret Sanger and the Arkansas State Legislature have contributed significantly in changing health care policy to serve the health care needs of the public effectively. Margaret Sanger was instrumental in advocating for better health care services for women. She particularly advocated for a change of health care policy to allow women to use contraceptives as a way to control birth. She fought for women to have reproductive autonomy, thus giving them a right to have reproductive freedom. Her contributions were seen as significant towards health care policy change for better health care. The Arkansas State Legislature was also involved heavily in advocating for policy change to serve the health care needs of Arkansans. The policy change involved introducing the advanced practice nursing as part of nursing. This was seen as a good move in addressing the primary health care needs of Arkansans. Solving the health care needs of the public was a priority, thus there was need to introduce advanced practice nursing to the health care structure.
Margaret Sanger and the Arkansas State Legislature took deliberate processes to advocate for the changes that they introduced into the health care sector. The processes involved deliberate structures of organization and legal proceedings. Advocacy in the health care sector requires collective legal and organizational efforts from those directly affected by a situation (Haylock, 2015). For example, Sanger realized that there was need to mobilize major stakeholders and bring them together to push her agenda for change forward. She mobilized people of influence in business, academia, emerging professionals, and labor. She also brought forward public health and social welfare claims for better reproductive health for women. She also used legal channels to speak, her voice on the same. Effective advocacy calls for agents o

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