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Report on Resolving Primary Healthcare Providers Shortage (Essay Sample)


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Report on Resolving Primary Healthcare Providers Shortage NameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Executive Summary
The shortage of primary healthcare providers affects the healthcare industry and the individual healthcare organizations. Resolving this issue requires the consideration of the strategies that are already in place and identifying gaps to resolve the issue.
This reports offers a number of recommendations on resolving the shortage issue in the healthcare industry. The strategies proposed in this report are mainly focused on improving the current working environment of the nursing practitioners and the physicians. Improving the current working environment is likely to motivate the nurses and improve the entry of other primary care providers into the field.
The report also emphasizes on the need for policy reform in the healthcare sector. Some of the existing healthcare policies are not implemented appropriately. The primary care leaders are tasked with the responsibility of identifying and developing the team to make sure they are prepared to face any future challenges.
Background Information
The shortage of primary healthcare providers still remains a major challenge in the US. This shortage of the practitioners has also led further to a decrease of nurses in the healthcare industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the nursing profession is one of those field that are expected to experience a significant job growth by the year 2026CITATION USB19 \l 1033 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). The Bureau also projected the need for an additional 237,000 new RNs each year to meet the projected job growth.
The shortage means that the remaining nurses need to work extra hard to meet the shortage of other healthcare providers. Insufficient staffing is a major cause of dissatisfaction n the nursing field as the available nurses are complaining of overworking, something that has also increased the turnover rate.
The shortage of primary healthcare providers has also impacted patient outcomes. As researchers Linda et al (2017) point out in their research, the presence of skilled nurses at the bedside of the patient to offer them care can significantly increase the patient outcome CITATION Lin17 \l 1033 (Linda, et al., 2017). In another research conducted, it was found out that 75% of the nurses feel that the shortage of primary healthcare providers has a great impact on their life. This involves aspects such as the way they deliver healthcare services and the amount of time that each of the nurses can spend with the patient CITATION Bue17 \l 1033 (Buerhaus, Skinner, Auerbach, & Staiger, 2017). Most of the nurses involved in the research also pointed out that the shortage of primary healthcare providers was a major issue making most of the nurses to consider leaving their profession due to increased stress level.
Statement of the Need
Currently, it is approximated that 13% of all US patients live in an area where there is a shortage of primary healthcare. This shortage means having less than one primary healthcare provider per 2,000 patientsCITATION USB19 \l 1033 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). This problem is more rampant in both the urban and the rural areas though it is more common in the rural areas. It is also approximated that about a third of the primary healthcare providers who are practicing today will have retired by 2025 since they will be above 65 yearsCITATION USB19 \l 1033 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019).
Reducing the above shortage of primary healthcare providers will play a major role in improving the satisfaction and nurse retention in our healthcare facilities. It is also important to note that the ‘shortage of the primary healthcare providers’ do...

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