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Promoting Quality and Safety Through Standards (Essay Sample)


Promoting Quality and Safety Through Standards
In the article "Managing to Improve Quality: The Relationship Between Accreditation Standards, Safety Practices, and Patient Outcomes," the authors discuss the growing trend by medical insurance companies to eliminate reimbursement for Never Events. As these types of mistakes should be easily preventable, hospitals have developed protocols to lessen or extinguish the occurrence of these events. In addition, The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have developed core measures to guide health care providers’ efforts in improving patient safety and the quality of care delivered. Review the information at the Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Web sites on the core measures and standards presented in this week's Resources.
To prepare for this Discussion, select either a Never Event or a core measure and respond to the following: •How has the emphasis on quality of care, patient safety, and clinical care outcomes been impacted by specific standards emanating from CMS and TJC? Cite a core measure or standard in your response.
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.
Post your response by Day 3 of this week.


Promoting Quality and Safety through Standards
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The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have put great emphasize on the need of improving the quality of the clinical care in the hospitals to improve the patient safety. Therefore, concrete measures are necessary to attain the anticipated level of health services. The greatest significant on the patient will be relying on the elves of research, proximity, accuracy and other efforts to curb negative health effects.
Different studies in the health areas suggest that intensive research on the healthcare reduces the risks of the adverse events on the patient. In such a case, the Joint Commission will actively engage the health providers in embracing conceptual frameworks which entails acco...
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