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Problem Solving And Decision Making (Essay Sample)


Assume that you are the hospital administrator of a 150-bed hospital located in a small town. Your best friend Betty works for the local newspaper in town. One day Betty calls you and informs you about a rumor that one of the ER nurses in your hospital may have contracted HIV. The chief editor of the newspaper asks Betty to gather more information on this incident. In your discussion response, address the following questions:
What are the risk factors (e.g. legal, ethical, financial, etc.) you foresee in this scenario?
What are the problem solving processes you will embark on?
Who are the stakeholders involved in the problem solving processes?
What are the impacts on stakeholders involved in the problem solving processes?
How will you communicate with various stakeholders (e.g. employees, physicians, the board, and the public) about your findings and decisions?
Your initial post should be at least 300 words. Support your response with a minimum of two scholarly sources.
Please make sure you use the sources that I’m providing for the paper and that they are cited correctly via the spa format.Thank you in advance.


Problem Solving and Decision Making
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Four types of risk factors are involved in this case: legal, ethical, cultural and financial (Frates, 2014). First of all, the hospital management should be aware of the medical conditions of its employees. Secondly, the nurse should let the administration know that the medical condition was detected after joining. Thirdly, there can be social boycotts by colleagues. Fourthly, if the news goes viral, then patients may stop coming to this hospital, and this will lead to the loss of revenues.
As a problem solver, I will speak to Betty and will try to know the name of the nurse. If he does not know anything, then I will have to call a board meeting and inform the whole team about the rumor, requestin

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