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Prion Disease (Essay Sample)

2 page report on Prion Disease. Talk about how this condition affects the nervous system, if it is curable, what current treatments are used, and how a person micht develop the condition. Provide references in APA formatting. source..
Name Course number Instructor’s name Date Prion Disease Introduction Prion disease is a transmittable condition that progressively impairs or destroys the nervous system. In humans, it presents as an acquired, familial through genetic inheritance and as a sporadic infection. The most common prion disease is Creutzfeldt-Jakob, which may be either inherited or sporadic. The global prevalence of the disease is documented as affecting one or two cases in a million people per year (Imran, 2011). The effects on the nervous system may result in symptoms such as hallucinations, fatigue memory loss and speech and movement difficulties (Parchi & Saverioni, 2012). How the condition affects the nervous system The physical effect on the brain is characterized by a build-up of abnormal protein the brain. The build-up forms masses that impair the nerve cells creating perforations in the brain (Genetics Home Reference: Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions, 2013). The condition has debilitating effects on brain functioning, movement, memory and personality. A patient develops memory loss and decreased cognitive ability, which decreases intellectual capacity for cognitive reasoning (Genetics Home Reference: Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions, 2013). If curable what treatment is used? Diagnosis of the condition mostly occurs when the patient’s quality of life has greatly depreciated. This occurs due to the lon...
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