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The Primary Care NP And APN Roles And Role Of Physician Assistants (Essay Sample)


501-d_6 NP and APN Roles Comparison Compare and contrast the primary care NP role with other APN roles and the role of physician assistants. What are the similarities among the roles and what are the differences? APA 6th edition format. 3 references with thin 3 years.


NP And APN Roles and Role of Physician Assistants
The primary care NP and APN roles and role of physician assistants
Healthcare is a broad field with several opportunities in different levels, but for the past years new health care professionals have been created to meet the changing patient needs, these are nurse practitioners and physician assistant and advanced practice nurses. However, all of them play an important role as they work directly with patients. The three professions are similar but with subtle differences.
Nurse practitioners are among the four types of nurses with advanced levels of education with all of them licensed to diagnose and treat illness and injured (Hamric et al., 2014). Advanced practice nurse is a general term used to describe a group of nurses with advanced education, including certified nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists and certified registered nurse anesthesiologists (Hamric et al

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