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Skin Cancer Prevention Program in Secondary Schools (Essay Sample)


Discuss what is involved in the development of a skin cancer prevention program at the secondary level schools. What are the seven CDC (Center of Disease Control) guidelines that schools are encouraged by incorporating in their programs? Give highlights of Sun Wise School Program developed by the EPA ( US Environmental Protection Agency). Is this is something as a school nurse you would consider developing in schools?


Skin Cancer Prevention Program in Secondary Schools
Course Title:
Skin Cancer Prevention Program in Secondary Schools
Skin cancer is among the United States’ most common types of cancers. In particular, the most lethal type of skin cancer referred to as melanoma results from exposure to the Sun’s ultraviolet light (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, 2016). The two other types of cancer are squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. While these two types of cancer are curable, they are costly and can disfigure the patient. The CDC has developed certain guidelines that can help in preventing cancer in schools. This essay seeks to examine what entails the development of skin cancer prevention programs in secondary schools and the seven CDC guidelines on such programs. Additionally, the essay will also provide highlights of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Sun Wise School Program and its suitability for secondary schools.
The Seven CDC Guidelines
With regard to policy, the CDC recommends that schools should develop the necessary policies aimed at reducing exposure to ultraviolet light. It encourages should to schedule outdoor activities when the sun’s intensity is low. The grounds and buildings should be modified to enhance the availability of shade within the outdoor spaces that are often used. The students should also wear the protective gear against ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, schools should also encourage students to use sunscreen before going outside and disseminate information on how to prevent skin cancer.

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