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Preventing 30 Day Admissions Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


the writing calls for at least 2 references and 1 reference is already listed in the content. Further, the variable that I would like listed is communication.
Read the following article:
• Stevens, S. (2015). Preventing 30-day Readmissions. Nursing Clinics of North America, 50 (Transformational Tool Kit for Front Line Nurses), 123-137. doi:10.1016/j.cnur.2014.10.010
Initial Discussion Post:
An older adult male is readmitted to the hospital with an exacerbation of heart failure just 2 weeks after being discharged for the same problem. He lives alone and does not drive. He presented to the emergency department reporting severe shortness of breath at rest. Physical exam shows 4+ peripheral edema of the lower extremities, abnormal breath sounds in both upper and both lower lobes with a labored breathing pattern and an extra heart sound. His weight in the emergency department is 10 pounds more than his weight on discharge 2 weeks ago. Oxygen saturation is 90% on 4 liters by nasal cannula; heart rate 110; blood pressure 140/90; respiratory rate 24.
When he was discharged 2 weeks ago, he had been provided the standardized package of discharge information for heart failure patients. This information discussed medications, diet, exercise and when to seek medical help for changes in his symptoms.
Address the Following:
1. Select one of these listed variables - communication, discharge planning or health literacy.
2. Describe why your selected variable is a priority for this patient and support your answer with a reference or references.
3. Identify an intervention that the RN can implement that addresses your selected variable and help prevent further readmissions for this patient.


Preventing 30 Day Admissions
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Hospital readmissions not only cause physical and emotional trauma for the involved patient but also costs the Medicare billing system a lot of money. Therefore, hospital readmissions should be avoided as much as possible. In this case, the variable that could have prevented the readmission of the patient is health literacy.
Given the fact that the patient lives alone, then it is difficult for them to be conversant with all the necessary knowledge required to ensure that they live a health live. Health literacy is a priority because the main causes of heart problems are as a result of an individual’s diet and their level of excising the body. It is clear that the patient was taking the wrong foods during the two weeks due to the increase in their weight. Eating unhealthy foods leads to an increase in the level of cholesterol in blood which is a major sig...
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