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Overview of Dental and Oral Health Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Length of paper must be at least 5 typed pages,double spaced(every other line)on one sideof the paper,provide 1" margins,use Time New Roman,#12 front.Every pageof the essay and reference material should be numbered in senquence with thw number in the upper or lower RIGHT HAND corner of the page,DO NOT hightlight,color-in,underline page number.Title pageof the paper should be placed approx.10 lines down from the top of the page and centered.Use CAPITALS throughout.DO NOT hit the return twice before beginning a new paragraph as this make the space between the pharagraphs much too large.
1. Title page and table of contents(include:title of project,student name,instructor's name and submission date)
a)Overview of condition
c)Oral manifestations
d)Special oral hygiene needs
e)Dental emergencies
f)Appointment bookings
g)Medications related to the condition
h)Conclusion(5-10 lines)(DO NOT introduce a new point or topic in the conclusion)
3.Reference Page


Pregnancy and Oral Health
Institutional Affiliation
Pregnancy and Oral Health
Overview of Dental and Oral Health
Oral health is critical for all pregnant women. During pregnancy, physiological changes occur generally and as such this is a time of vulnerability in oral health. This is a crucial moment that requires pregnant women and their providers, to have adequate knowledge regarding the numerous changes that are bound to affect them in the oral cavity in their time of pregnancy (Hartnett et al, 2016). The key to overall well-being, therefore, depends on oral health. There ought to be preventive, restorative and diagnostic treatment during the entire time of pregnancy, which will help in the improvement and maintenance of oral health. The health professionals have failed in their task to advice and offer this crucial service to pregnant mothers. On the other side, the pregnant women to have failed to ask for this service because they do not know about it or they simply ignore its importance. Pregnant women should therefore be educated about how to prevent and treat oral disease for the sake of their future and the future of their children. Mothers often pass on caries to their young ones (Oral Health Care During Pregnancy Expert Workgroup, 2012).
Causes and Treatment/Cure
As earlier stated, pregnant women experience numerous changes, which require close attention. Some of those changes are: a change in blood chemistry, which in essence increases the blood cells in the body. The same blood chemistry is responsible for an increase in the clotting factors, fibrinolytic activity and a decrease in anemia and iron. The second change is witnessed in the cardiovascular system, leading to an increase in the heart rate cardiac output. There is also a risk of increased stroke levels. Thirdly, the respiratory system is also affected during pregnancy. This condition leads to high possibility of dyspnea and apnea notwithstanding displaced diaphragm superiority, hyperventilation and a decrease in the reserve capacity that is supposed to be functional. The fourth condition is when the gastrointestinal system is affected which leads to nausea and vomiting, and increased acidity and heart burn. Finally, the general changes which include a general alteration of behavior an increase in the nutritional demands. All these five conditions should be attended with the care they deserve because they are responsible for pregnancy and dental health conditions (Naseem et al, 2016).
Some of the common dental problems during pregnancy are: Gingivitis, pyogenic granuloma, saliva changes, tooth morbidity, melasma and gingival hyperplasia. Gingivitis is the bleeding of the tender gums and happens to be the most common dental disease in most pregnant women. Pregnancy results in reduced immune response, fluctuations in estrogens, altered normal oral flora, and reduced progesterone. It can be contained by brushing of teeth with toothpaste that is fluoridated, saline and flossing mouth rinsing. Tooth morbidity is caused whenever there is a hormonal rush mineral changes in lamina dura and if there is interruption in periodontal attachment of ligaments. This in the end causes periodontal diseases. Vitamin C can reverse the condition when administered in therapeutic doses. Most doctors use antibiotics that fall into category B of FDA classification. In the first trimester, pregnant women are not advised to use Metronidazole because of its teratogenic effects. The use of local and general anesthetics can be used if proper dosage is properly administered. Examples of these anesthetics are pri

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