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Health promotion on Pregnancy and Childbirth (Essay Sample)


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Pregnancy and Childbirth
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Pregnancy and Childbirth
Section 1: Health Topic
One of the objectives of the Healthy People 2020 goals is to increase the proportion of pregnant women who receive early and adequate prenatal care. Prenatal care is efficient when it starts early and then continued throughout the pregnancy (Hansen et al., 2020). It helps in preventing and addressing various health issues in both babies and their mothers. Interventions aimed at increasing access to healthcare can assist more women in getting the prenatal care that they require during pregnancy.
In the United States of America, expectant women are more likely to die during child delivery compared to expectant women in other developed countries (Bolin et al., 2015). As such, Healthy People 2030 is focused on preventing or at least reducing pregnancy complications as well as maternal deaths and thus help women to live healthy before, during, and after their pregnancy.
In some cases, women develop health issues during the start of their pregnancy, while others develop such issues during pregnancy (Henley et al., 2020). As such, there are various strategies which have been developed to help such women in adopting healthy habits as well as getting health care during and before pregnancy. Such health care helps in preventing complications before and during pregnancy. Further, such interventions have been formulated and implemented at the local, state, and national level to help in preventing unintended pregnancies; in turn, this helps in reducing negative healthcare outcomes for infants and women.
The significance of the problem to the patient and healthcare community
The health of women before, during, and after pregnancy can result in major impacts on the health and wellbeing of the infants. Women who get access to the recommended healthcare services before getting pregnant have higher chances of remaining healthy during their pregnancy and getting healthy babies (Finney Rutten et al., 2019). Strategies for helping expectant women to get access to medical healthcare and avoiding such risky behaviors as drinking alcohol or smoking also improve the healthcare outcomes for infants. Therefore, the aim of this objective is to ensure that this is achieve; ensuring the health of the women before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as the health and wellbeing of the infant.
Patient population
This objective targets women; this includes women who are about to become expectant, those who are already expectant, and those who have already delivered. As mentioned, the objective is concerned with the health and wellbeing of the mother before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as that of the infant. As such, the target population can also be extended to include infants as it is also concerned with their health. Further, the objective targets women in the United States of America as literature shows that expectant women in the country are more likely to die or develop health complications during pregnancy compared to women in other developed countries.
Section 2: National and State Goals
What is the National Healthy People 2020 goal for your objective?

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