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Population Health for Improving Health MSN (Essay Sample)


Population Health for Improving Health MSN

The Affordable Care Act's Impacts on Access to Insurance and Health Care for Low-Income Populations


MSN Prompt
MSN Prompt
Health Policy and Advocacy as one of the MSN essentials, plays an important role in nursing as it ensures that Master’s prepared nurses are able to promote equity in the access, and affordability of healthcare services (AACN, 2011). Nurses are not only responsible for implementation of healthcare policies, but are also actively involved in the formulation of these policies, mostly because they have a first-hand experience with issues in the healthcare system. I have been able to analyze the vital role that nurses play in promoting safe and quality health services, and I understand the importance of my voice in promoting change through policy formulation and advocacy. In the future, I want to participate more in the formulation of legislation that relates to health issues, especially in vulnerable populations.
The learning experience gained from this course will be essential in practicing nursing because I have knowledge on how to analyze and evaluate existing policies to understand how they influence the nursing practice and corresponding patient’s health outcomes. In line with this, I plan on evaluating the current Affordable Care Act (ACA) through intensive research so as to highlight possible amendments that can be made by policymakers to improve the effectiveness of the Act. Research has shown that vulnerable populations, who are the main beneficiaries of the Act, still face challenges in accessing healthcare as a result of affordability concerns (Kominski, Nonzee, & Sorensen, 2017). This points out the limitation of the Act that should be addressed to ensure all eligible people from vulnerable populations bene

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