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Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project (Essay Sample)


This is a 6 week long project. Every week I must submit the assignement part of the week.Week one is not due until 7-15-15. So the due deadlines are all different. Please see attched. I do not know how to break this up because it must be done by the same person. The references will vary each week. And the rubrix for the final paper will be at attached.
for this week justhave the writer do week one on Practicum Discussion Grading Rubric

Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project
Week 1
Course title:
Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project: Week 1
Health problems in the community
The community where I live is a middle-income neighbourhood with many people making between $45,000 and $65,000 a year with quite a few senior citizens aged at least 65 years.
Table 1: percentage of people aged 65+ in comparison to other groups in my community
AgePercentage Below 5 years6.5%5-9 years7.6%10-14 years7.3%15-19 years7.1%20-24 years6.8%25-34 years14.1%35-44 years15.1%45-54 years12.3%55-64 years8.6%65+14.6%
I practice in the secondary practice setting. There are a number of prevalent health problems in my community and practice setting. These include access to health care: Inequality in terms of health care access is an issue especially for minority and vulnerable populations such as the elderly in the community (Wang et al., 2012). There are few health care providers in the community who provide geriatric health care services, and thus there are inadequate healthcare services for the elderly. Environmental quality: although pollution affects everyone, ethnic and racial minorities and low-income persons in the community have a higher risk of living in areas in which they encounter environmental risks (Hanley et al., 2010). Nutrition and physical activity: by staying physically active, an individual could delay or even prevent particular ailments for instance diabetes, heart disease in addition to some types of cancers, and even improve mood and relieve depression. Avoiding empty calories and eating foods rich in nutrients is highly advised (Stahl & Albert, 2015).
HIV/AIDS: researchers have reported that between 11 percent and 15 percent of AIDS cases in America occur in older adults aged above 50 years. Older adults are less likely to utilize condoms and their immune system natural become weaker as they age (Young, 2012). Obesity and overweight: an obese or overweight person has an increased likelihood of dying from type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, stroke, gall bladder disease, and several cancers such as colon, prostate and breast cancers (Mechanic & Tanner, 2013). Violence and injury: amongst older adults in the community, falls are a major cause of injuries and deaths as well as hospital admissions for trauma (Stevens & Rudd, 2014). Mental health: dementia is a major mental health condition in the community. It could be caused by infections, renal failure, diabetes, reactions to drugs, or hearing and vision problems. Substance abuse: this basically implies alcohol and legal and illicit drugs. Tobacco use: in America, this is the single greatest cause of sickness as well as premature death (Buckinx et al., 2015).
Injurious falls among frail elderly people
The specific population at risk are frail older adults aged 65 years and above. The health problem faced by this population is falls and other...
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