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Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project #4 (Essay Sample)


Develop nursing interventions at the community and system level of care aimed at primary prevention for population of interest/at risk.
Draft interventions using culturally competent assessments and interventions to address primary prevention (see table below). Interviewing family or health care professional involved with the population at risk may help you create a successful plan. Support your ideas with the scholarly literature. (Do not include the individual level of nursing care.)


  • Services provided by other health care providers
  • Lack of services
  • Cultural beliefs of community (group)
  • Health/illness beliefs
  • Values, attitudes, health behaviors and practices

Please address the following:

  • Provide a few examples of community resources that need to be in place to assist your population group’s problem.  What resources are missing?
  • Are there any cultural-based related issues regarding your group that should inform your approach to care?
  • Identify one evidence-based behavior change technique to promote health in this population.
  • Suggest one evidence-based intervention to address the health problem for your population of interest.

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature

Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project week 4
Course title:
Population-Based Care Nursing Care Project week 4
In the community, falls are a major health problem among frail older people aged 65 years and over. In America, falls are the chief cause of death from injuries amongst senior citizens. Robertson, Kerse and Hill (2012) reported that among this population group, most of fall injuries occur in the house: about 55% of fall injuries take place inside the home; 23% take place outside the house but near the house; and roughly 22% occur away from the house. The falls commonly occur in the following places inside the house: ground level/floor, steps/stairs, sidewalk/curb, furniture/bed/chair, and toilet/shower/bath (Robertson, Kerse & Hill, 2012).
There are inequalities in health care access and health outcomes amongst vulnerable populations such as older adults in global, national and local contexts (Douglas et al., 2014). It is of major importance to deliver culturally competent health care for a more and more diverse population in America and in so doing help reduce inequalities in health no matter geographic location. Care that is culturally competent is based upon the principles of human rights and social justice (Douglas et al., 2014). In the social justice framework, supporting care that is culturally competent helps to protect the dignity of everyone. It is worth mentioning that human rights protect everybody’s intrinsic dignity as well as their right be assured of safe health care, to be involved in care decision making, and to access quality care. Even so, environmental and socioeconomic disadvantages produce inequalities in accessing quality health care leading to disparities in health outcomes in various populations. Nursing care that is culturally competent contributes to decreasing disparities in health care by integrating cultural beliefs into patient care, empowering the patient, and expanding access for vulnerable populations – such as older adults – to health care services (Dougl...
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