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Policy Analysis of the Affordable Care Law (Essay Sample)


For your project, analyze the Affordable Care Law in a 9 page paper not including the title or references pages. In your analysis you will need to address the following:
1.) How all three branches of government were involved in its creation, and the issues associated with their involvement.
2.) The role of public opinion and lobbying groups and their impact on the laws development
3.) The balance of markets and their participation in the program
4.) The concepts of equity, efficiency, and effectiveness and their role in the law and its passage
5.) The initial anticipated effects on cost, quality, and access and whether the projections were correct or incorrect
6.) The anticipated effects on Medicare and the aging as well as Medicaid and the poor.


Analysis of the Affordable Care Law
Course title:
There have been myriads of discussion concerning the affordable care law. The discussions have emanated from the advantages associated with the passage of this law especially in improving health of citizens. Health of citizens is always a crucial aspect in any given country. This view emanates from the considerations that; when the population of a country is not having good check up of their health, there is bound to be less participation in the economic activities. In the long run, the economy of the country is bound to go down. Thus, it can be said that health of citizens should be a priority concern of government. This paper analyses the affordable care law especially in view of the government's participation and other participatory bodies.
Participation of the government
Many people would be tempted to think that the affordable care law came with ease. Bakich & Hustead (2015) note that; there had been deliberations of different branches of government prior to arriving to this law. It can be said, the involvement of the government in coming up with this law emanated from realization of importance of the public health in ensuring economic growth of the society. In arriving at such a crucial as this of affordable care, which touches on one of the core elements of life, there is involvement of the different branches of the government. The United States congress participated in a direct way in ensuring passage of this law. The congress is the chief legislative body in the country and therefore, the passage of laws directly involve this body. This branch of the government passes laws and determines punishment to be exercised in the country. This body of the government is also charged with determining the levels of taxation as well as coming up with programs and policies that shape important aspects such as politics.
Thus, in such capacity the congress undertook its mandate in ensuring that the affordable care is made law in accordance with the stipulated processes. It can be said that; without deliberations of the congress, the affordable care would just be a talk and not law as it is today. It is through this body that the problems addressed by this law were recognized. Through the usual process of the congress house, the solution to the public problem was proposed to be the affordable care law and therefore the process of making it a law was initiated. The taxation associated with passage of this law were also discussed and analyzed by the congress as is with other laws.
According to Bakich & Hustead (2015) the House of Representatives and senate is the other branch of the government involved in the deliberations of law, the affordable care one not excluded. In this house, there is usually debate on the issue presented to be made a law. It is always argued that it is easy to fail to pass a law in the house than to pass it. Such statements follow consideration of the heated debates that are usually witnessed in the house. The affordable care law was discussed in the house of the representatives and senate. The positive aspect of the debate that is usually carried out by this branch of the government is that; the opposing side is able to point out to weak areas of the proposal. Thus, in the debate concerning the affordable care law, the weak areas of this piece of legislation were identified and therefore the government embarked on the ways in which their impacts could be minimized. This is imperative especially in the recognition of the fact the; no piece of law can be absolutely perfect. What is crucial is therefore to deliberate on the ways of cushioning the negative aspects.
In the passage of the affordable care policy to become a law, the president (executive) as a branch of government, played a...
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