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Physician Assisted Suicide (Essay Sample)


This is a final in my ethics class( I know a class on ethics and I am paying someone to write my final). I just need a 3 page paper on Physician assisted suicide. please be creative!


Physician Assisted Suicide
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Recently, there have been contentious deliberations on the contraband allegations on whether patients have the right to die. Physician-assisted suicide has been an issue that has existed for quite a period now, with this practice giving the doctor that right to give a patient a damaging dose of substance upon the request of the patient with the aim of terminating his/her life (Levy, Azar, Huberfeld, Siegel, & Strous, 2013). Some schools of thought have held that a terminally ill patient has the right to control how they die. However, physicians and health practitioners have debated on the essence of having a right in aiding a patient in terminating their life.
It is essential to note than many families spend and exhaust all their finances taking care of their loved ones in a hospital. In an instance where the doctors feel the patient may never make it again, such a family may choose to go the assisted suicide way rather than face bankruptcy (Levy, In as much as these factors may be justified, it is important to consider the fact that critically ill patients have the right to die in not only a human way but in a dignified manner as well. In essence, there is dignity in dying, and the terminally ill patient has the right to die humanely and in a dignified manner. It is against this foundation that this paper seeks to determine the issue of physician-assisted suicide.
Physician-Assisted Suicide
On matters legalizing a physician-assisted suicide, it would be essential to consider some factors before arriving at this conclusi...
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