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The Philosophy Of Nursing & Value Exploration Paper (Essay Sample)


The Philosophy of Nursing & Values Exploration Paper
Before beginning this assignment review pages 5-9 and 26-28 in AACN (2008) The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. www(dot)aacn(dot)nche(dot)edu/education-resources/BaccEssentials08.pd
1. Introduction
Write an introduction to your paper using the general to specific development. End your introductory paragraph with a statement describing what the reader can expect from your paper, the purpose of your paper, also called a thesis statement. Underline the thesis statement.


The Philosophy Of Nursing & Value Exploration Paper
The philosophy of Nursing & Value Exploration Paper
I have always had the desire to care for the needy, and I believe that the desire to care for others led me to my career choice of being a nurse. I feel satisfied when I serve and care for other people. My personal attitude towards nursing care is based on compassion and delivering excellent care services. My nursing philosophy is to develop the right attitude to practice effectively within the ever-changing healthcare environment and empower each patient. It is also important, of upholding professionalism by understanding the historical, legal and contemporary context of nursing profession (Dossey, 2010).
I believe that as a nurse I need to respect patients and treat them with dignity. The crucial aspect of nursing care is enhancing interprofessional relationships and working as a team with other healthcare professionals. Working as a team is important because it enhances quality patient care. This paper explores the value I feel are important within the nursing profession and how to relate to patients, other health care professional and my personal work culture for the benefit of the whole society.
Personal Philosophy
Nursing is not just a career; nursing is more of a calling, it involves caring for people with diverse needs. It requires commitment. I believe that nursing is not just about care, nursing involves promoting good health through preventive services like health education. Caring is the key aspect of nursing. Nursing care is about respecting patients and treating them with dignity. Nursing is about acquiring scientific knowledge and applying appropriate skills to prevent illness and treat those who are already ill (McCurry, Revell & Roy, 2010).
Nursing practice involves working in a multi-cultural environment; appropriate care means being culturally competent. As a nurse, I need to demonstrate a good understanding of a variety of culture to offer high-quality care across the different settings. Health needs to keep on evolving; hence, nurses need to be updated in the relevant evidence-based practices to adopt for them to stay competent. Nursing profession requires continuous education (McCurry, Revell & Roy, 2010).
What is nursing and why nursing is unique?
Nursing is being compassionate and building a therapeutic relationship with patients. Nurses need to connect with patients and know their patient's values (McCurry, Revell & Roy, 2010). Understanding patient care means providing holistic care that involves understanding patient's emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. By not focusing on patients, immediate needs will limit patients from receiving optimal care (Wood et al., 2009). These factors are what make nurses different from other health care professionals.
The most important value as a nurse is trust, collaboration, and effective communication. Holistic care approach means ensuring patients feel comfortable and can cope better with illness. My mission is to provide patient-centered services by addressing patient needs. I believe that patient involvement during the care process is important. Patients need to be updated and edu...
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