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Ontario Pharmacy Destruction Of Narcotics (Essay Sample)


Research in your own words describe the following in relation to narcotics, controlled drugs, and targeted substances:
Destruction process (who can destroy), what requirements must be met?
Record keeping (what records have to be kept regarding destruction?)
Drugs returned by the public (what do you have to do with narcotics returned to the pharmacy by a patient?)
Contact for additional information (how do you contact the Office of Controlled Substances?)


Who works to destroy controlled substances, when we take them to the pharmacy once we are finished with them? There are hundreds of rules surrounding it since it is a dangerous practice, but the average person who takes those controlled substances at the direction of his healthcare provider knows nothing about it.
Substance Destruction
Destruction of controlled substances is carried out by a registered pharmacist, and it can be done in one of two different ways. One way is to destroy the substances locally (i.e. at the pharmacy or hospital which received the controlled substances), while the other way is to return the substances to a dealer (perhaps even the same one who issued them) for destruction. Most dealers which are licensed to handle and disseminate controlled substances are also licensed to destroy them when needed. Both options have their place, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Because controlled substances can be destroyed either on-site or by licensed dealers, there are no requirements surrounding notifications to appropriate bodies. Destruction can be done at the pharmacy or licensed dealer's discretion.
Destruction of a controlled substance means making it difficult or impossible to consume in a manner which would result in the drug working (or making someone ill, in the case of drugs which are out of date). This can mean mixing the drug with something which is inedible to humans, such as soapy water. This can be used to form a slurry, thus rendering the controlled substance unconsumable.
Record Keeping
While the facili

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