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Pesticides Biological Farming Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


please respond and expand to following:especially Obesity- the importance of raising awareness, finding local farms that maybe use biological farming....
I agree that a worrisome issue in conventional farming is the effects pesticides can have on people. I used to not think much of pesticides but a few years ago while running by some of the farms on my road, I experienced an allergic reaction causing my hands and face (my skin that was exposed to the air) to get itchy and swell. I had no idea what caused this until I found out the fields I ran by had been sprayed earlier that day.
In a study on the effects of different environmental toxicants on allergies and asthma, there was a strong association found between pesticide and herbicide exposure and asthma and allergies among children.1 After reading this study I agree with your statement that biological farms, produce raised in HEALTHY SOIL have a safer work environment and I think that they help create safer, healthier communities as well. THE LINK BETWEEN SIMPLE SUGARS from conventional farming compared to nutritional dense food from BIOLOGICAL farming is very interesting.
1. Crinnion W. Do Environmental Toxicants Contribute to Allergy and Asthma?. Alternative Medicine Review [serial online]. March 2012;17(1):6-18. Available from: Alt HealthWatch, Ipswich, MA. Accessed October 20, 2016.


Pesticides- Biological Farming
Biological farming methods focus more on natural agricultural approaches while avoiding chemicals and pesticides. This approach is more likely to reduce pollution associated with chemical residues with sustaining the healthy soils. Biological farms have an important role to play in the access of high nutrient foods, imporving soil management and sustainability. The goal of producing healthy crops and products extends to choosing the appropriate methods. This contrasts with conventional farming that uses pesticides, which may disrupt the endocrine system. Even as the pesticides level in conventional foods is within the allowable limits, the risk of adverse health cannot be ignored. This is especially with the increased cases of asthma and allergy associated with the use of pesticides in conventional farms. Raising awareness on obesity in biological farms is also considered to improve health.
Some of the pesticides used in conventional farming are hormonal disruptors, which may potentially affect the health of people who eat foods that contain pesticide metabolites (Diamanti-Kandarakis et al., 2009). On the other hand, biological farming does not contain such chemicals and foods produced from biological farms may have greater nutrient content. Where people consume foods that contain needed calories they are healthier. Biological farming may also promote healthy development in children where the well functioning endocrine system regulates calorie intake and blood sugar. For people suffering obesity, food grown in biological farms can make a difference since they will likely consume more nutritionally dense foods and fewer unneeded calories. Obesity has adverse health effects since it increases the risk of metabolic abnormalit...
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