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Preventive versus Diagnostic. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)




Topic: Preventative vs Diagnostic

Discuss the difference between preventative and diagnostic laboratory tests and why this is important to distinguish between in the primary care site. Include in the discussion the ten most commonly ordered laboratory and diagnostic tests ordered in your practicum site and the criteria for ordering.




Required: 1 pages, must be APA format 6th edition. Must be 3 references within 3 years in US ONLY.


Journal Readings

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Web Resources

Clinical Guidelines and Recommendations: the American College of Physicians. Retrieved from https://www(dot)acponline(dot)org/clinical-information/guidelines


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Preventive Health Services: Health Retrieved from https://www(dot)healthcare(dot)gov/ 



Preventive versus Diagnostic.
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Preventive and diagnostic care are two types of healthcare that an individual will most commonly receive in a health care facility. It is significant to understand the difference between the two because within the same health care provision upon visitation, one may receive either a preventive or a diagnostic care or even sometimes, both (Veselik, 2017). The other importance of distinguishing between the two lies in the sense that preventive care is provided for free whereas in most of the facilities around the world, diagnostic care provision is charged.
To the differences, starting with the definitions, preventive care emphasizes on evaluating the current health of an individual while focusing on disease prevention while diagnostic care deals with treating or examining a specific health issue (Newman-Toker et. al., 2017). Furthermore, preventive care involves regular services such as routine check-ups, screening and immunizations

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