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List your personal, professional, and educational goals. (Essay Sample)


Related topics but separated into two, please one page(275words) for each distinct topic. This application is for a research opportunity at the FDA. "The research will focus on addressing the current regulatory need for defining the clinical pharmacology requirements and standards to
demonstrate interchangeability for growth hormone (GH) products proposed under the 351(k) biosimilar pathway for various indications."
1. -Personal goal; to have my own family by 2023 after i graduate Pharmacy school
-Professional goal;have a job before my graduation day. Have a pharmacy job in public affairs/research area or industrial. My biggest goal is to hopefully have a job at the FDA.
-educational goal;Graduate pharmacy school in May 2022
2. Overall just talk about day to day life experience on how people suffer from drug misuse, abuse and even just because of ignorance on how medications affect their body. I am from a third world country and want to focus on how i have seen medications ignorance affect my population, linking this to the knowledge i will get from my experience and how helpful that could be in other to make a difference. Not just in my community but in my family. Want to also reference my curiosity about research/clinical pharmacology as a whole.
Thank you.
1. List your personal, professional, and educational goals. Explain how this opportunity may enable you to achieve tose goals. 2.Describe any experiences or situation that you feel have influenced your interest. 


Like any other student in my class, my main objective is to graduate from pharmacy school in May 2022. Importantly, having benefited greatly from effective family dynamics, I desire to establish a family of my own before the end of 2023. Nevertheless, establishing a family will be very difficult if I fail to secure a job. As a result, I purpose to secure a job in the pharmaceutical industry or in public affairs/research areas before graduating. 

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