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A Personal Philosophy Of Advanced Nursing Practice (Essay Sample)


In this Assignment, you will develop the first draft of your personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing. You will continue to work on this document throughout the course, with new drafts reflecting your growing sophistication as you reflect on each week's lesson.
A philosophical statement includes these elements:
An introduction that presents your thought processes used to articulate a philosophy of advanced practice nursing. Note that APA does not use a heading for the introduction, because it is assumed that the first few paragraphs of a manuscript are the introduction.
Valued personal concepts, such as:
Metaparadigm concepts such as person/client, nursing, health, and environment
Additional concepts you may find valuable to advanced practice, such as IOM Future of Nursing, accountability, interprofessional collaborative practice, social justice, and professionalism
Definition of each concept selected
Relationships between and among concepts within your personal philosophy as applied to your current practice. A diagram with should be used to graphically depict these interrelationships.Course materials, except textbook, may be used and must be supplemented by current literature from peer-reviewed nursing journals no older than 5 years.
Additional resources to support this Assignment include:
Reflection: Readings
IOM Future of Nursing
Interprofessional collaborative practice


A Personal Philosophy Of Advanced Nursing Practice

Caring is a transcultural process which is complex and is entrenched in the ethical and spiritual framework. It echoes a moral responsibility that places the moral basis for nursing ethos which protects patients right to human dignity. As activists to patients, APNs have the responsibility of recognizing patient preferences in a definite and non-paternalistic way so as to facilitate patient-based treatment plans. Being active in involving others is essential in order to deliver compassionate and suitable patient care in a healing environment. Proper care for patients involves interchange with individuals that nurses can relate with professionally. Partnership with others is a moral that develops an obligation to the mutual aim of a patient's welfare.
I decided to become an APN since I really believe that my nature and charisma are suitable for deeply caring for people. I also believe that the desire to assist people through nursing is a higher calling, (Redmond, 2017). Therefore, I am drawn towards helping and caring for needy and showing them compassion. Working as an APN offers the chance to deliver compassionate and proper patient care and uphold a healing environment. Nursing is a very honorable field and goes beyond a job that earns an individual the paycheck. My main mission is to provide nonjudgmental care for the ones that need it irrespective of race, financial status, religion or disability, (Robinson,, 2014). Patients always remember how a nurse made them feel and that is very important.
Advance practice nurses concentrate wholly on the patient and address every single part of the patient's needs. An APN focuses on eradicating the primary cause of the disease instead of

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