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Organizational Behavior Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Strategic planning is an ongoing, comprehensive process designed to achieve the operational existence and purpose of the organization. Watch the short lecture on Organizational Behavior at the following link: https://www(dot)coursera(dot)org/learn/fundamentals-of-management/lecture/RsxFf/1-3-organizational-behavior
As a health care manager, you will use your critical-thinking skills at various times throughout your career. For this discussion, use your critical-thinking skills to describe how organizational behavior in a health care organization is directly connected to:
Organization vision and mission
Creating and executing organizational goals
Organizational communication
As you create your discussion, remember that like most industries, health care organizations are diverse with an assortment of backgrounds. As a health care leader, you must be culturally competent. In your response, consider the following cultural question: How would you as a leader in your organization ensure you are reaching all staff and encouraging an environment where professionals (of diverse backgrounds) work together effectively through the vision and mission, organizational goals, and communication?
Cite reliable sources to support your answer.
Berry, L., Mirabito, A., & Berwick, D. (2004). A health care agenda for business. Sloan Management Review, 45(4), pp. 56-64.
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Probert, C. (2015) The SWOT analysis: A key tool for developing your business strategy. 50Minutes. Available in the Trident Online Library.
Gershon, H. J. (2003). Strategic positioning: Where does your organization stand? Journal of Healthcare Management, 48(1): 12-14. Retrieved from http://reach-newheights(dot)com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/jhm48-1stm.pdf
Harrison, J.P. (2016). Chapter 4: Strategic planning and SWOT analysis. in Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare. Healthcare Administration Press. Retrieved from Trident University Library
Health Research & Educational Trust. (2013). Becoming a culturally competent health care organization. Retrieved from https://www(dot)aha(dot)org/system/files/hpoe/Reports-HPOE/becoming-culturally-competent-health-care-organization.PDF
Mickan, S. H. & Rodger, S. A. (2005). Effective health care teams: A model of six characteristics developed from shared perceptions. Journal of Intrerprofessional Care. 19(4), 358-370. doi: 10.1080/13561820500165142


Organizational Behavior
Organizational Behavior
As a health care leader, I should ensure that all professionals in the environment work towards the achievement and maintenance of organizational goals, vision, mission and effective communication. The primary objective our organization is the delivery of quality health care to all clients, and it cannot be achieved without the encouraging, building and managing an effective working environment (Gershon, 2003). All professionals must know their specific responsibilities and work towards attainment regarding the set values in the working environment. I would work on ensuring a customer-friendly physical environment where all clients are equally important and served without bias. Although the staff may be engaged with the level of services offered to the patients, the level of physical surrounding including aspects like the use of capable machines could impact their work significantly since they need the devices to execute their duties (Gershon, 2003). For instance, working with faulty machines may yield delay that is not entirely a failure of the team but the created working environment. Thus, the physical surrounding must be well organized to ensure that patients go through a comfortable treatment process (Gershon, 2003). This step will also help the staff to carry out their duties effectively, resulting in the delivery of premium quality services to the patients

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