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organ donation (Essay Sample)

Hi there, Im a final year nursing student and this essay will be my last. I have previously requested an essay service with best essays and I failed my unit due to the plagiarism in it. I am really concerned with this being original. Im not after a brilliant essay but just a general one that ticks all the boxes. It is on organ donation following a berry aneurysm. One thing to note is that I mostly want to use the journals available from my uni database. Other journals are ok also, as long as most of them are from the uni database. So I will probably provide you with my uni sign in details so that you can access these. APA referencing and 10 journals less than 10 years would be ideal. Australian ones preferably. Thankyou I will send more specific details shortly. The essay is due to be submitted on 19th august but I would like it a tad earlier so that I can check the plagiarism. Thankyou Deb source..
School of Health and Human Sciences Student Name: Student ID: Unit Name: Unit Code: Unit assessor/lecturer: _____________________________ Assignment title: _____________________________ Assignment No: Due date:__________ I have read and understood the rules relating to the Awards (Rule 3.17) as contained in the University Handbook. I understand the penalties that apply for plagiarism and agree to be bound by these rules. The work I am submitting attached to this declaration is entirely my own work. Signature Date Markers comments Introduction Brain damage and death in patients gives medical professionals the reference point for organ donation. Brain death results from brain damage that may result from factors such as cardiac arrest that affects blood vessels in the heart. Another condition that affects blood vessels is berry aneurysm, which affects the artery walls in the brain. Berry aneurysm is commonly referred to as saccular brain aneurysm. The artery in the brain is composed of two muscle layers and one elastic layer. Berry aneurysm results when the sac like or berry like enlargements form on the two muscle tissues and the elastic tissue on the wall of the arteries in the brain and then rapture (Vajkoczy & Hartmann, 2002). Provide a brief pathophysiology of berry aneurysm and how rupture can lead to brain death These berry-like enlargements commonly form at congenitally weak spots in a ring of arteries at the base of the brain or the circle of Willis (Vajkoczy & Hartmann, 2002). The circle of wills receives blood from all the major arteries in the brain and circulates to other areas of the brain. This leads to intracranial hemorrhage and raptured berry aneurysms are common in people 40 to 60 years old. Intracranial hemorrhage presents where the artery raptures and the leaking blood cause a hematoma which applies pressure on the brain tissue. Further bleeding causes increased hematoma which further compresses the brain tissu...
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