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Effective selfcare in diabetes is the key to achieving the desired outcome i.e therapeutic A1c and optimal functional status. (Essay Sample)


Review the guidelines in the Literature Review Matrix, included in the Learning Resources. Formulate a research question around your issue as indicated in Part I. Then complete Part II of the Matrix, identifying the resources you will use, search terms and criteria, and Boolean search strings.
Using the Walden Library, locate 10 articles related to your research question. At least one article must be a systematic review. All of the articles should be primary sources. NOTE: If appropriate, you may use the four articles you reviewed for this week’s Discussion.
Complete Part IV addressing the influence of empiricism on quantitative methodology.


Literature Review Matrix
Part I: PICO Analysis of Research Topic
P: Patient or Population
I: Anticipated Intervention
C: Comparison group or Current standard
O: Outcome desired
Source: Adapted from Elkins (2010)
Step 1: Frame your clinical question using the PICO method.
P: Adults with Diabetes Type 2
I: Effective Self-care
C: N/A
O: Optimal Functional Status; Therapeutic AIC
In adult patients with Diabetes Type 2 (P), how does effective self-management (I) affect A1C level and functional status (O)?
Part II: Search Strategy
Using the Walden Library and other appropriate databases, locate ten scholarly articles that pertain to a practice issue of interest to you and that is appropriate for an evidence-based practice project.
Step 1: Identify the resources you will utilize, or utilized, to find articles that pertain to your topic
Electronic Databases

Research or Professional Organizations

Experts in the field to consult

Books, encyclopedias, handbooks


American Association of Diabetes Educators


Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior


American Diabetes Association

Internal Medicine

Encyclopedia of Diabetes


National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Handbook of Diabetes Management


Diabetes Journals

Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders

Step 2: Identify search terms and criteria
Key words & phrases

Major authors

Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

Diabetes Management

Pamela R. Kushner, MD, FAAFP

Diabetes; Adult; Out-patient

Less than 18 y/o; In-patient

Self-care in Diabetes

W. Perry Dickinson, Miriam Dickinson, Bonnie T. Jortberg, Danielle M. Hessler, Douglas H. Fernald and Lawrence Fisher

Diabetes; Adult

Juvenile Diabetes

Blood sugar level

Amy T. Cunningham, Denine R. Crittendon, Neva White, Geoffrey D. Mills, Victor Diaz
and Marianna D. LaNoue

Diabetes Type 2; Adult; African-American; HBA1C measure

Not exclusively African-American; Type 1 DM

Outcomes for DM

Ming-Jye Wang , Hung-Ming Lin, Li-Chen Hung, and Yi-Ting Lo

Diabetes; Adult

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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