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Nutritional Intervention (Essay Sample)


As noted in this week’s reading, malnutrition is the world’s leading threat to life and health (Holtz, 2006, p. 369). This issue affects developed and developing countries. Malnutrition can lead to many health disorders and death. To prepare for this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources; specifically, Case 4: "Reducing Child Mortality Through Vitamin A in Nepal." Then respond to the following:
1---What are the challenges of implementing a dietary supplement as a nutritional intervention?
2----What strategies can a BSN prepared nurse use to overcome specific challenges?
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.

Discussion – Week 4: Case 4
Course title:
Discussion – Week 4: Case 4
There are a number of challenges of implementing a dietary supplement as a nutritional intervention. These include (i) limited human and financial resources – it could be difficult to sustain a dietary supplement as a nutritional intervention under resource-scarce conditions. Without a sufficient amount of money allocated for such an intervention, it would be difficult to effectively and successfully carry it out. The hired personnel who are required to help in carrying out the intervention will most likely need financial motivation for them to work or else they may leave and decline to work (Cobb & Bland, 2013). With a lack of enough money to pay the workers, it may be hard to get the personnel to execute the intervention. (ii) Poorly trained, illiterate personnel – the workers used in implementing the intervention may not be well trained. In delivering vitamin A in 75 Nepalese districts as described in Case 4, the workforce largely comprised illiterate women who were not always respected by their communities and their credibility was further challenged by medical supplies that were often lacking. (iii) Resistance from members of the community and other organizations or entities &...
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