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nursing reading research (Essay Sample)

please read the documents carefully, and follow the instruction. If you have any question, message me. Thank you. P.S. hi I have order the two essay, I forget to tell I need the all references should be within 5 years. and on my nursing reading research I need 3 references. source..
Nursing Reading Research Qun Gao Student ID: 4186966 Professional Growth I 1156 Presented to: Cindy Ko Niagara College Canada June 11, 2013 Article Summary Coban, I.G and Kasikci M. (2011). Development of the Attitude Scale for Nursing Profession. International Journal of Nursing Practice 2011; 17: 518–524 The authors of this paper conducted their study after realizing the need for proper instruments in the assessment of the attitudes towards the nursing profession. The study was specifically designed to establish an attitude scale for nurse practitioners in the Turkish region. Respondents comprised high school students at the final year, nurse practitioners, patients and student nurses. The study was conducted in schools of nursing, high schools, health centers, and hospitals. The period of study was between December 2008 to June 2010. All participants included in the study totaled 600. Using qualitative approach, respondents were asked to indicate their feelings with regard to their attitudes towards the nursing profession in writing. The descriptions were then analyzed where a total of 89 items on the negative and positive aspects were evaluated. The researcher then presented this information to the expert opinions with regard to reliability and necessary editions of the information. After this, the researcher went on to conduct a validity analysis. The subsequent ASN consisted of forty items in three domains that included: the overall position of the nursing profession, features of the nursing profession, and preference to the nursing profession. The final model which confirmed the factor analysis indicated that the 40 ASNP item could fit well for the model. The Cranach’s value for the total scale was 0.91. This means that the ASNP was quite highly reliable, valuable and sufficient in determining the attitude in relation to the nursing profession. This study offered evidence in support of the content, construct validity as the internal consistency and reliability of the retest of the ASNP in the Turk population. Three factors were identified by the researchers from the EFA: These included Factor 1) which was concerned with preferences to the nursing profession, Factor 2) which was about the overall position of the nursing profession and factor three was the features of the nursing profession. In the findings, the initial fit indices failed to support th...
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