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556-J1W1 Nursing Journal Medicine Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


556-J1W1 Nursing Journal 
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Nursing Journal
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Question 1: Where have I been?
As a nurse, I have worked in the medical/surgical acute care unit for quite a long time. I think that working in this department of the hospital is tougher than working in any other department, as I have always been asked to look after multiple patients at a time and to ensure that they recover from the illness quickly and efficiently. Just like other med-surge nurses, I have always been in motion physically, intellectually, emotionally and clinically.
Question 2: How did I get there?
I had an interest in the medical profession in my childhood. As I grew up, I developed an interest in med-surge nursing, and when I joined the nursing school, I was taught how to serve patients and how to become cool-headed while doing multitasking (Finkelman, 2016). At any moment, a med-surge nurse has to administer medications, educate families, discharge patients and admit new ones, and this gives me the feeling of being able to serve humanity in a better way.
Question 3: What do I most like to do?
I love developing a good relationship with my patients and communicate with them on a regular basis. I think that nurses should spare time to discuss matters with patients and their families and need to be ready to assist them outside the hospital. As a med-surge nurse, I am always ready to work under pressure and have devoted myself fully to serving the ill.
Question 4: What do I like to do least?
As the go-to health care professional on the unit, I am always required to think critically and to run here and there while providing treatment to the patients. I dislike being in motion all the time, and I think that I have now gained enough knowledge of diseases and body systems and have robust management skills, so running here and there in the hospital should not be a part of my job.
Question 5: Which roles would my favorite activities use?
I think that the roles of a licensed practical nurse and a clinical nurse specialist are as challenging and incredible as is mine (Flinter et al. 2017). A licensed practical nurse ha

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