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NR452 Assignment: Transition into Professional Nursing Role (Essay Sample)


Having a clear vision for the future, setting reasonable goals, and developing strategies for meeting those goals are important steps in ensuring control of one's professional future. This assignment provides the student with the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development through the creation of a one-year and five-year professional career plan in nursing.
Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
•    CO # 1: Synthesize knowledge from the sciences, humanities, and nursing in managing the needs of humans as consumers of healthcare in a patient-centered environment. (PO# 1)
•    CO # 5: Explore the impact of professional standards, legislative issues, ethical principles, and values on professional nursing, using data to monitor outcomes and improve quality and safety. (PO# 5, 6)
Due Date
Unless otherwise instructed by the faculty, this assignment is due to be submitted in the course drop box no later the 12 am (midnight) on the Sunday at the end of Unit 5. The College's Late Assignment Policy applies to this activity.
Total Points Possible


Career Planning
Date of submission
Career Planning
Transition into Professional Nursing Role
Planning my professional nursing career role has been quite challenging and hectic. However, through a proper mentorship, I have been able to get most of the didactic information and clinical exposure for the beginning-level practitioner during first years of my studies. In addition, the guidance and support that I have given in the early years have nurtured my skills to be an expert clinical practitioner that I have realized at the end of the fifth year. Thus, I have to appreciate my mentors for using this kind of strategies for my optimal transitioning into the professional nursing role (Nursing Licensure, 2017).
I'm currently seeking employment in Maryland State as a registered nurse upon the approval by the Maryland Board of Nursing that issues the RN license for the qualified nurses. The board regulates both the issuance of a license to the registered nurses and the practical nurses. Maryland Board of Nursing has criteria that all the RN nurses must meet to be issued with the RN license and such criteria are as follows; a prospective RN student should enroll in only the approved programs that are located within the borders of the state at both the ADN and BSN levels. However, the out of state programs are usually accepted so long as such programs are equivalent to the programs offered within the state. To those who are from out of state programs that are not equivalent are required to follow through a preceptorship (Nursing Licensure, 2017).
On a separate note, students who enroll in the clinical programs in Maryland are supposed to be certified by the CNAs as they complete the requirements besides having gone through a background check. Nurses who are already licensed as LPN usually opt for an LPN

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