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New Cancer Therapies (Essay Sample)


In this week's media presentation, Dr. Rempher discussed a non-invasive medical cancer procedure, CyberKnife. Review the media presentation and the readings that focus on non-invasive and complementary and alternative healing therapies.
1-Identify one complementary or alternative healing nursing therapy, or a non-invasive nursing therapy for a form of cancer.
2-Describe the nursing therapy you identified and discuss the main elements you would include in a teaching plan for patients using this therapy.
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The Nurse’s Role in Promoting Health
Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are three very difficult and challenging diseases. Nurses, through their knowledge and support, can play an important role in how the individual patient responds both physically and emotionally to the challenges of the disease.
1-Select one CORE measure and reflect on how that measure is implemented in nursing practice. Then, address the following:
2-Identify your selected core measure and describe its essential components.
3-Discuss the implications for the BSN nurse’s role when implementing this core measure.


Heart related deaths have become a common problem not just in the United States but also across the globe. In the US alone, Coronary artery disease is one of the leading causes of death, as it claims more than 385000 lives on an annual basis(Ramos, 2014). The government on the other hand spends more than $108.9 billion dollars every year the disease. It is estimated that one American suffers a coronary even every 34 seconds. These are staggering revelations that lead to the question on how effective the main stream treatments and therapies are(Ramos, 2014). With more than 64% of women and 50% of men having had symptoms associated with the disease, it would be appropriate to look at the other non-invasive therapies that can help reduce the impact of the disease both on the patient and the government(Ramos, 2014).
One of the most effective non-invasive therapies is the External Counterpulsation. This is a therapy that is mainly used on patients that are experiencing angina, or the sharp chest pains associated with Coronary artery disease(, 2015). This technique is not just non-invasive, but also non-pharmacologic. It is an electromechanical technique that helps patients suffering from angina, especially where standard treatments have failed. By using the vascular muscles, the pneumatic machine boosts the level of cardiac output but does n...
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