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Mothers Cash Grants (Essay Sample)


The influence of poverty on health is a health problem that transcends national borders. This week’s readings discussed some of the political, economical, and ethical issues that lead to health disparities in developed and developing countries. In addition, Dr. Mancuso and Dr. Huijer shared insights on working within political systems to bring about positive changes in health care in the media. Dr. Mancuso also stressed the importance of nurses in addressing these needs and in bringing about change.
To prepare for this Discussion, review Case 9: "Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico,” presented in the Case Studies in Global Health textbook. Then, respond to the following:
1-Do you think giving the cash grants to the mothers was a good idea or a bad one?
2-What might have been the positive and negative consequences of this choice?
3-What ethical issues might arise, or be addressed, from the cash grants program?
Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.


Discussion Week 2: Case 9
Course title:
Discussion Week 2: Case 9
Giving the cash grants to the mothers was generally a good idea. The positive consequences of giving cash grants to the mothers include considerable improvement in both adult and child health, which accompanied a rise in the utilization of health services; improvements in education; as well as improvements in nutrition. In the initial complete year of implementation, that is, 1998, the use of health service rose more rapidly within the Progressa treatment localities than in the areas in which no monetary transfers were offered. Pre-natal care, immunization, and nutrition-monitoring visits increased considerably, as did overall average utilization of health services. Importantly, prenatal care began earlier during the mother’s pregnancy in the Progresa areas in comparison to the other areas and this trend continued as implementation of the program expanded (Parker, 2004).
In addition, evaluation of the program revealed that the health of children in Progresa areas improved.

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