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Summary of Moral / Ethical Issues in the Article (Essay Sample)


Summarize the moral/ethical issue in the article (no more than 1 paragraph)
Describe the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue
Analyze the ethical issue and compare them to the State Health Laws and Regulations in your state(Texas )
Outline the process of ethical decision making you would use to address this ethical dilemma


Ethical Dilemma
Slade & Prinsloo (2013) define an ethical dilemma as a situation whereby a person is subjected to a condition that will force him or her to choose between two conflicting situations which are morally correct in conflict. However, it is important to note that it is not easy to separate morals and ethics. This paper explores the moral/ ethical dilemmas or issues that have been highlighted in the article.
Summary of Moral/ Ethical Issues in the Article
According to the code of ethics set by the American Medical Association, recommended that physicians are not supposed to treat themselves or their family members. This is because the natural solicitude and natural anxiety that is experienced by the physician due to the sickness of a friend, wife, child or any relative may obscure his or her judgment and cause timidity and irresolution in the practice. In the article, it can be noticed that Elizabeth’s mother who is a physician had actually been serving as the primary care giver for her daughter for many years and as a matter of fact, she was the one who had referred her to the hospital. This was evident from Elizabeth’s medical records that had indicated that the mentioned physician is Elizabeth’s mother despite the differences in the last names of the patient. It is clear that Elizabeth’s mother had been her Primary Care giver by de facto and this is in conflict with the code of ethics that have been set by the American Medical Association (Gold et al., 2014).
Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in the Article
From the article there are di...
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