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Methods to find knowledge specific Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Develop three methods you will use to find knowledge specific to developing practice behaviors.
Use scholarly source 2015-2020. APA 7th edition.


Methods to Find Knowledge Specific
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Methods to Find Knowledge Specific
In healthcare, there are several mechanisms to acquire knowledge and develop practice behaviors. They vary from one professional to another, depending on the experience, set up, and cognitive abilities. However, among the most common ones are i) clinical experience, ii) gathered knowledge, and iii) trial and error methods. These work in different ways, as clarified hereunder.
First, on clinical experience, healthcare professionals spend a lot of time in the healthcare environment. Nurses and other professionals gather enough experience from their daily work. As a nurse, I will have a different perception of the same situation if I experienced it for a whole year. From the description of Ki

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